Palm Beach offshore sport fishing is known worldwide for both its variety and its close proximity to the famous SAILFISH ALLEY where multiple catches of sailfish are common during the winter months. Sailfish are the prime big game fish of the area and can be caught year round. They are the fastest fish in the ocean and are capable of 50 mph burst of speed. The average size is 40 lbs. but larger ones in the 60 lb. range are caught. Goggle eyes are the preferred live bait for sailfish. If the wind permits a fishing kite is flown from a special kite rod. Three release clips are attached to the kite line. The line from each fishing rod is then secured in a kite line clip. Each fishing rod line has a goggle eye attached which has been bridled to the hook with a rigging needle and a special rubber band. Upon getting a bite the fishing line pops out of the kite clip, the angler then cranks the line to come tight on the fish and the show is on. If hooked up to a sailfish the fight is usually spectacular with many jumps and heart-pounding excitement. Once at the boat, it is picture time. Since sailfish are such gallant fighters and not good eating, they are always released at boat side to fight another day. If a trophy mount is desired a fiberglass replica can be produced.