Wahoo Deep Sea Sport Fishing Charter
Wahoo are an occasional catch and are the head of the mackerel family. They are the second fastest fish in the ocean, capable of speeds to 40 mph. That speed is displayed upon being hooked up. When eating a bait, wahoo attack from underneath and disable it by biting off the tail. Occasionally the attack includes a jump (skyrocket) of ten or more feet into the air. Wahoo are known for blistering reel smoking runs, beautiful vivid vertical stripes and are excellent table fare. They are also known as the rattlesnake of the sea. When being boated, they have a habit of coming into the boat with their mouth open looking for something, or somebody, to bite with their razor sharp teeth. Captain Don was once bitten by one, requiring 18 stitches. For a nominal fee (laughs), he will gladly display it to any and all interested parties.


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November 14, 2015